Senegal Climate Change story published in GEO France


When I first started working on my climate change project in Senegal, I knew I wanted the story to be published because I believed that my subjects' time was valuable and their stories were important. I also felt that human experience of climate was under-reported and under-represented in the international conversation about climate change.

When I returned home and started sharing the project with editors, many of them told me that it would likely never be published because "people just don't want to read about climate change."

That's why it's a big deal to find an editor or publisher willing to run these images and stories. I was moved to the point of being misty-eyed to see my Senegal series on the pages of GEO France, grateful for the twelve pages, diligence, and respect they gave this story.

I’m still hopeful, especially in the wake of extreme and unprecedented flooding in Texas and Southeast Asia (worsened by human-caused climate change), that the American media will deepen and broaden their commitment to reporting on climate change.