Mya Henry photographed for Apiece Apart Woman

"I woke up one day and sensed I was not on the right path. I require a level of spontaneity in my life — I needed a sense of excitement, adventure, and quality that I wasn’t experiencing anymore after 13 years of city life. I’m a strong-minded individual and not afraid of taking a risk. That’s why the notion of picking up, moving to a foreign place, and starting from the beginning would seem crazy to most...yet these are the moments when I feel most alive and empowered." - Mya Henry

Mya Henry and her husband moved from her home in New York City to open their restaurant, Hartwood, in Tulum, Mexico. The restaurant sources all of its ingredients from farms, fishermen, and other producers in the Mayan Riveria. 

Photographed for Apiece Apart Woman, interviewed by Leigh Patterson. Read the full interview here. 

© Greta Rybus for Apiece Apart