Brooke Beaney of Judith Maine, Muse of Anaak

"My husband’s grandparents (Reamer and Louise) first went to Cliff Island in 1933. It was during the depression, they had no money. They were invited to spend their honeymoon in the family cottage of Reamer’s college roommate. They fell in love with the Island and started going there every summer to rent a cottage near the one where they honeymooned. In 1945 they bought two shore-lined acres of land on the Eastern side of the Island and a single-car garage from someone on the opposite side of the Island, which they somehow transported across the island to convert into their very own first Cliff Island cottage...

... I always say: I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to start and grow my business in Maine. While I had a theory, I didn’t realize just how perfect it would be for me until we got going. I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do but with a certain amount of space and time that I don’t think I would ever have had in NY. In turn, we can offer a shopping experience to our customers at that same pace, with that same amount of space to explore and try new things. All of this, plus I get to smell and hear the sound of the ocean when I pull into my driveway at the end of the day." - Brooke Beaney

I recently photographed my dear friend Brooke Beaney, the vision behind Judith Maine for Anaak on Cliff Island with her family at 21 weeks pregnant. 

All images © Greta Rybus for Anaak