Documenting Stories of Lubec, Maine with the First Coast

In May, I collaborated with audio reporter and storyteller Galen Koch to document stories in Lubec, Maine, a town of under 1,300 people in Nothern Maine. The project was part of Galen's project The First Coast. 

I asked Galen to send me some official information about her project. It’s a huge endeavor with really unique and meaningful goals, so I wanted to get it right. This is what she told me: “The First Coast tells stories by Mainers, for Mainers. Traveling to three towns along the Maine coast each year, the TFC team gathers interviews, archival audio + video, soundscapes, and photographs to be made into site-specific exhibits that aim to give stories back to the community.  Traveling in a renovated 1976 Airstream, TFC stays in each Maine town for one month - engaging community members in conversation about the place they live in year-round. The First Coast is an initiative to collect sounds, stories, images, and ideas that contribute to a collective coastal memory and seek to reconstruct existing narratives and mythologies of both Maine and Mainers.”

All images © Greta Rybus for the First Coast