Phid Lawless of Lunaform, Photographed for Alys Gazette

“I wanted to create pots that are reminiscent of vessels found in ancient Greek and Roman gardens. Those things have been around for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years!”

“It’s peaceful and beautiful, and not too far from the luxury of grocery stores, if you know what I mean. Some small towns around here don’t even have gas stations. Sullivan is a perfect place to work and live if you don’t mind a few feet of snow every now and then.”

Phid Lawless, of Lunaform, where he makes handcrafted vessels in Northern Maine. Photographed for the Alys Gazette

All images © Greta Rybus

Reporting on abuse and mistreatment for NHPR


While I was away, NHPR released a series of stories about cases of neglect and abuse at New Hampshire’s Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center, a center that cares for children and adults with disabilities and brain injuries. Jack Rodolico has been reporting on the story through an ongoing web and radio series. I photographed Ryan Libbey and his mother, Jennifer Cote, who are struggling to cope with the aftermath of his traumatic one-month stay at Lakeview. 

All images © Greta Rybus  for NHPR

Teen Homelessness for Scholastic


With the onset of a very harsh New England winter, I’ve been thinking about a story about youth homelessness I photographed for the New York Times / Scholastic’s UpFront Magazine. I spent the day with a very brave teen who had been homeless for several years, photographing the locations of family evictions and makeshift shelters. 

All images © Greta Rybus for Scholastic / the New York Times

the Boston Bombings for CNN


Family at Copley Square.


Woman praying near sign of bombings. 


Boylston Street. 

I’ve been working in Boston this week, on assignment for CNN and later, Germany’s Stern Magazine. On Wednesday, I finished my assignment early, and spent about half an hour photographing in downtown Boston. I’ll headed back into the city later today, but wanted to share a few images from Wednesday. 

“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”

-Anne Frank

All images © Greta Rybus